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Accounting and CPA firms are often overloaded by the amount of inbound and outbound communications related to client engagement. These include bookkeeping, accounting advisory services, tax preparation, strategic business investments, and other business-related activities.

In response to this urgent need, we have designed PathQuest Scale in a way that takes care of these tasks—in a way that ensures timely communication never gets affected.

To ensure a successful engagement process, we prioritize every activity based on the business goals of each client, as well as their accounting performance. As a result, by using the PathQuest accounting business intelligence software, you never miss important communications. This supports your accounting advisory services because:

  • You get notifications that enhance your client engagement
  • Custom package reports that minimize the efforts you have to invest in making unnecessary changes

Personalizing Communication

With the PathQuest ecosystem, your accounting advisory services can be delivered smoother and easier because you can personalize your communications with decision-makers. You have the ownership and liberty to decide which things you as a CPA want to get notified about regarding your client’s business. You can also decide what your client needs to know, when, and how.

For example, you can choose when to show them the most recent reports on their accounting dashboard within your accounting business intelligence software. You can also customize each accounting dashboard according to what you want to share with each client.

You can also decide how clients get notified regarding their customized report packages. They can get their notifications via email, a mobile app, or both. With this kind of convenient access to the accounting dashboard that corresponds with their business’s goals, clients are more likely to trust you and your services.

As a result, your relationship with clients grows stronger over time, bolstered by essential and efficient communication.

Accounting Support

PathQuest Scale is backed by hundreds of industry experts with decades of experience. You get more than business intelligence software; you get a team that’s keen to listen to the goals of your firm and its clients. In addition, we are ready to hear about your challenges and needs so we can help you with best-in-class accounting services. In this way, PathQuest, along with our accounting data analytics software, is a partner in the evolution of your accounting practice.

We mold our team to be in sync with you and your practice. PathQuest provides white-label accounting services so that your client never feels they are interacting with a different team.

The PathQuest Scale team builds services around your needs. We understand the critical needs of your accounting practice and provide services based on your specific requirements.

PathQuest Scale—Always Ready and Available to You

We are equipped with accounting skills and the technical expertise necessary to bring innovative solutions to support and enhance your accounting services. We are more than just another technology or outsourcing company. PathQuest is an automated accounting solution provider. To deliver on this promise, we leverage advanced technologies that simplify and automate your accounting practice. To learn more about how PathQuest can elevate your accounting practice, connect with us for a free demo!

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Published on: 15 March 2022

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