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How tech can be one of your accounting firm’s selling point: The story of tech in any industry is pretty much the same. In its first iteration, new technology is something that would be nice to have, and most businesses in the industry do well even without adopting it because hardly anyone else has. Then the tech is improved, word gets around, and more businesses start using it. Eventually, the tech becomes a necessity to compete.

New tech can be a hassle in earlier iterations. But accounting tech has gone through many advancements, and it is quickly becoming a necessity. It works well, improves accuracy, cuts overhead costs, and saves time. It is not just something that improves your firm’s workflow, though. You can make it a selling point for the services your firm provides.

Why Tech Is One of Your Accounting Firm’s Selling Point

Many firms know the importance of tech. They use it to offer lower fees on services and quicker turnaround times but then never tell the client how they are accomplishing this magic. There are many reasons you might want to tell clients, though.

Consistent Results

Consistency is important for your clients. Automating your accounting process takes human error, delays, and outdated data out of the equation by converting redundant, time-consuming tasks into stable, efficient processes. Let your clients know that your technology makes this possible.

Consistent Insights

When you use accounting dashboards that are connected to real-time data stores instead of a manual reporting process, your clients can be sure that the insights will be truly valuable because they reflect what is happening at that moment. There will also be no need to remember to manually send out a report because automated reporting will always be on time.

More Time for One-on-One With Clients

Saving time does nothing for your firm unless you use that time for something constructive. You can use all the time you saved by automating tasks to dig deeper into client data for more insights that will guide your clients to a better future, help them nail down key KPIs, and become a trusted partner in their business.

Your Team Can Focus

The tasks that automation takes away from your team are the tasks that take up a lot of their time and focus. With these tasks out of the way, they can use more of their brainpower on services that your clients value.

Advanced Tech Comes With Advanced Security

It is important to keep your client’s data secure. Fortunately, as tech advances, so does security. You should point out to clients that your choice to go with more advanced tech means higher levels of security for their data.

When You Invest in Tech, You Invest in Clients

When you invest your money in new accounting technology, you must remember that this change will help both you and your clients. It is easy to forget this after you see the improvements it can bring to your own workflow. By learning what these benefits are and how to present them to your clients, your new investment in tech can help sell your services.

If your tech stack is lacking, PathQuest can help you catch up. PathQuest SCALE, our automated accounting solution, automates mundane accounting tasks and reporting and frees up time. PathQuest BI, which comes with SCALE, allows you to build real-time accounting dashboards that tell compelling visual stories and surface new business insights. And PathQuest AP is our accounts payable automation software that will give you more control over AP and visibility into business expenses.

Talk to our experts and explore the possibilities by booking a demo today!

Published on: 11 October 2022

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John Bugh

John Bugh is Chief Revenue Officer for PathQuest, responsible for the strategic direction, planning, vision, growth, and performance of the company’s marketing, branding, and revenue streams.

As a seasoned professional with over 35 years of experience in executive sales, marketing, and operational leadership, John has worked to build high-performing leadership-teams that have a demonstrated track record of accelerating growth, increasing revenue, establishing sustainability, and improving profitability.

He is an avid life-long fan of the NY Yankees and loves to snow ski with his family whenever he has the opportunity!

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