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Reduce AP Processing Cost to Increase Cash Flow: Why AP Automation is a Strategic Win Win

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Recently updated on July 10th, 2023 at 12:25 pm

The global Accounts Payable Automation Market size is expected to grow from USD 1.9 billion in 2019 to USD 3.1 billion by 2024

Businesses are shifting from manual, tedious and error-prone AP processes to smart, intuitive, fast and controlled approval processes.

The primary focus of small medium business owners is maintaining and growing the business. As a result, essential tasks such as record keeping, reporting and managing transactions bring challenges that are completely different from the goals of growing the business. Each business is unique – size, business classification, vendors and customers, number of transactions, business budget and working capital, employees’ skill sets, etc. But financial management remains a mission-critical challenge.

Some of the pressing AP challenges of Small Medium Businesses

  • Lack of visibility of AP accounts, delayed reconciliation, increased per-invoice costs, resulting due to information overload and processing delays.
  • Ineffective communication with vendors through mail or fax, resulting in non-standard POs and invoicing formats, and incompatible workflows.
  • The manual process of AP takes too long and is resource intensive – twenty dollars or more per invoice.
  • Unrecorded, duplicate, inaccurate, unauthorized or misdirected transactions
  • Lack of financial forecasting, budgeting
  • Error-prone manual processes for requisition, scanning supplier and issuing payment
  • Lack of integrated technology or no technology solutions in place to prevent late payments, under- or over-payments, duplicate or missed payments
  • Lack of collaboration across different business units and stakeholders

Who Should Watch This Webinar?

Small & Mid-size Business Owners, Controllers, CFOs, Accountants, AP Manager, AP Executive, and all other titles handling accounts payable.

Webinar Agenda

  • Industry Analysis & Statistics
  • Pressing Challenges of Manual Accounts Payable Process
  • Making a move from manual to automated AP
  • Process optimization and improving vendor relationships
  • Reducing cost and cash flow improvement
  • Best practices of AP automation
  • Business benefits

Key Takeaways

  • Accounts payable best practices
  • Transition from manual to automated accounts payable
  • Ways to optimize POs, invoice processing, approval & payment cycle with end-to-end automation
  • How to accelerate your accounts payable process with automated workflow
  • Real-time tracking of business expenditure
  • Ways to eliminate late, duplicate, and fraudulent payments
  • Management of countless invoices & faster bill settlement with vendor’ preferred method

Most accounting firms face challenges with staffing bandwidth, heavy workloads and minimal automation, which is restricting the firm’s ability to grow and evolve from bookkeeping into an advisory firm. PathQuest® SCALE – Outsourced Automated Accounting Solution, is specifically designed to overcome these challenges and allows firms to grow their business, without adding internal headcount, while automation gets you accounting workflow, accurate real-time financial insights on business performance. This solution ultimately delivers better levels of service to your customers with on-time financial reporting, insightful customized dashboards and streamlined accounting workflow

Who should watch this webinar?

Accountants (CPAs & Bookkeepers)

Webinar Agenda

  • Industry Analysis & Statistics
  • Common Challenges faced by Accounting Firms
  • Introduction to PathQuest® SCALE
  • Team Approach
  • Automation
  • Accounting Workflow Demo
  • Demo

Key Takeaways

  • How to overcome lack of skilled staff and bandwidth issues
  • Simplify, streamline and evolve your accounting practice
  • Identify business improvement opportunities for your customers with business intelligence and reporting automation
  • Real-time insights to speed-up decision making
  • Leverage Best in Class accounting workflow
  • Build value added advisory capabilities and new revenue streams
  • Grow top line revenue with improved bottom-line results

About your presenter

John Bugh

Chief Revenue Officer

A seasoned professional with over 36 years of experience in executive sales, marketing, and operational leadership, John has worked to build high-performing teams that have a demonstrated track record of accelerating growth, increasing revenue, establishing sustainability, and improving profitability. He has held leadership roles across a variety of software and technology organizations in fast-paced and rapidly changing markets. He has over 20 years of experience in the Tax and Accounting industry.

David Evans

Vice President - Sales

An expert With over 35 years of executive sales leadership and business operations, David has built high performing leadership teams with a track record of accelerating profitable revenue growth. He has successfully transformed existing leadership teams to high performance, as well as creating them from scratch. He is a driven professional and leads by example.

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