BI: A necessity for today's CFO

Business Intelligence A Necessity for Today’s CFO

Recently updated on July 21st, 2023 at 12:04 pm

What Is Business Intelligence?

What Major Challenges Do CFOs Face?

-Getting the Insights You Need Before You Need Them
-Predicting What’s Next
-Consolidating Disparate Data
-Supporting a Remote Work Force

How Is BI Important to a CFO?

How Accounting / Finance Is Using BI

-Analysis and Insight Gathering
-Strategy Visualization
-Report Generation
-Revenue Management
-Customer Segmentation
-Expense Management
-Cash Flow Management
-Balance Sheet Management
-Risk Management
-Profitability Management

Benefits of BI in Accounting and Future Financial Planning

-Centralized Dashboards, Analytics, and Insights
-Higher Quality Insights
-Greater Profitability
-Increased Productivity
-Better Marketing ROI
-Risk Reduction
-Competitive Advantage

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