Accountant & FRANCHISE


PathQuest SCALE Partner Programs will transform your business and allow you to enhance your business performance through valuable insights. Whether you are an Accounting Firm, Franchisor or Franchisee, our partner program allows you to make better decisions with data and insights


With a dedicated team and automated reporting accounting firms can offload their daily bookkeeping activities and be focused on higher value-added advisory services Scaled bandwidth, allows accountants to grow business and simultaneously decreasing costs up to 50%

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PathQuest® BI provides you with accurate real-time financial insights on business performance with automated reports and custom dashboards

Key Benefits
    Automated consolidated financial reports
    In-depth improvement opportunities insights
    Custom dashboards and report packages

Scale your business, without adding internal headcount. Sit back and allow us to take care of your bandwidth challenges

Key Benefits
    Flawless accounting practice
    Increase revenue and service quality
    Improves bottom-line upto 50%

Helps you unlock paths to generate more profit, cut operational cost and ensures sustainability in this competitive world. Track, monitor and enhance your performance with custom and detailed reports on each franchisee. Find the best practice to profitability and implement companywide

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Simplified performance tracking and consolidated reports comparision with industry banchmarks, helps to meet the goals

Key Benefits
    Multi-location industy rankings
    Consolidated reporting and performance KPIs
    Identify performers areas and improvement opportunities

Get detailed companywide insights for franchise HQ and easy to build custom reports on franchisees’ perfomance and ranking

Key Benefits
    Franchisee ranking and industry benchmark comparision
    Identify performance drivers, best practices and its impact
    Personalized automated management reports