Journey from Traditional Accounting to Advisory with Business Intelligence

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Recently updated on May 9th, 2024 at 04:55 am

Financial intelligence is the insight derived from the available financials. It is imperative for businesses like yours to sustain, compete and draw winning returns on your investments. 

At PathQuest, we have built a technology ecosystem to help you provide Financial Intelligence and improve your financial results, reduce overheads and promote informed financial decisions. PathQuest is a comprehensive automation and outsourced accounting solution that provides NextGen financial experience to you. 

In this webinar, our speakers John Bugh – Chief Revenue Office at PathQuest and PABS, will deep dive in to the nitty gritty of financial intelligence, accounting automation and outsourced accounting with real-world examples. 

Key takeaways

Moving from compliance to business intelligence 

‣ How to gain competitive advantage with financial intelligence through Automation 

‣ Implementation of accounting automation 

‣ Benefits of outsourced accounting 

‣ PathQuest business intelligence and PathQuest scale 

‣ How financial intelligence benefits your business 

Journey from Traditional Accounting to Advisory with Business Intelligence

John Bugh

Chief Revenue Officer

A seasoned professional with over 36 years of experience in executive sales, marketing, and operational leadership, John has worked to build high-performing teams that have a demonstrated track record of accelerating growth, increasing revenue, establishing sustainability, and improving profitability. He has held leadership roles across a variety of software and technology organizations in fast-paced and rapidly changing markets. He has over 20 years of experience in the Tax and Accounting industry.

Amit Bangal

Product Specialist

17 Years of experience across Telecom, BPO, Back-office, Financial Content, Accounting, Software companies and startups

Last 6 years with a SAAS platform, looking after Customer success, Product Support, development and management.

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