Privacy Policy

Recently updated on April 26th, 2023 at 10:58 am

We, at PathQuest Solutions Pvt Ltd regulate our privacy policy for your awareness about our usage of relative data and information. We understand the criticality of your personal data and are completely devoted to protect it. Hence, wherever we utilize your data, we assure its confidentiality while accessing PathQuest products via web or mobile apps.

Please read our privacy policy below and the measures we take for your data protection.

Our Privacy Policy is oriented within following factors-

  • Necessity of Information
  • Information We Collect
  • Sharing the Information
  • Data Security
  • Change in Privacy Policy

1. Do We Really Need Your Information?

Well, just like other sites and apps, we too are not an exception when it comes to seeking your information. This helps us with your identification every time, whenever you visit us. We feel convenient to send relevant product updates and newsletters. However, it’s never mandatory for you to provide us your details. You may always choose to skip that step. You may also opt-out from receiving emails related to our products and events.

2. What Information Do We Collect?

Depending upon your usage of our apps, we collect the following information-

  • Personal Information- Since this is a very sensitive user data, we keep it stored securely in our database for communication purpose. Information includes-
    • Contact information – name, phone number and email address
    • Credit card and billing address
    • Alternate email address

However, as mentioned earlier, you can always opt for not to provide the information.

  • Miscellaneous Data- It includes some of your basic information received from cookies and IP address. Some other pieces of information are also collected from the details submitted via “Contact Us” form, browser type, language preference, operating system etc.
  • Accounting Information- To provide you a seamless financial analysis and reporting experience, with respect to your companies, groups etc. we require following information from your end-
    • Accounting information of an entity
    • Non-financial information of an entity
  • Data from Analytics- We track your journey on our portal and mobile app such as the pages you visit and the time you spend. The collected data helps us to serve you better with personalized content.
  • Information from Third Party- When we mention about third party, it could be for an instance, any service provider for an authentication purpose. Once we get your consent, we connect with the third party to access and store your information including but not limited to-
    • Name
    • Email address
    • City
    • Profile Photo

We ensure and do not misuse any of the critical information provided by third parties. However, you always have the option to check and change the information provided to the third parties through privacy settings.

Further, with our privacy policy, we also clarify that PathQuest may contain links to other websites. This could be a part of their ad campaigns and/or promotional communications. However, in such an event, we do not take any responsibility about the content or security practices of such websites.

3. What Do We Do with Your Information?

Anything, but certainly we do not sell or rent it. Yes, we do share your information, but just within our trusted employees and partners. We guarantee you for our reliability and trust! We even connect with third parties to share your information, but just to utilize their services such as-

  • Authorization
  • Customer service
  • Promotional campaigns
  • Payment processing

However, we take utmost care not to share your critical information.

Still curious about what we do with your data? Here’s an overview-

  • Sending you the invoices
  • Promotional communications – newsletters, events, updates, release notes etc.
  • Flash messages, notifications and emails
  • Customer support
  • Personalizing the web and mobile apps as per your preferences
  • Viewing the custom created report
  • Moderating and controlling the web and mobile apps along with changing the access

4. Is Your Data Secure with Us?

We’ve got just one word to reply to this- “Absolutely”! We take all the security measures for your data protection. We eliminate any misuse, theft, illegal use, loss, alteration or destruction of data. Your personal data will only be collected if you are connected with any of the activities of PathQuest.

5. Do We Give You Options?

Yes. In fact, it’s your right to know the type of your personal information that we have. You can

  • Ask us to update your information for any changes
  • Request a copy of your data and information from us
  • Ask to delete the personal information

6. Do We Change Our Privacy Policy?

Times change and so do the policies. We update policies at regular intervals for an effective process. You also receive notification on your web and mobile apps in case of any important updates or changes in the policy. Further, we also recommend you to keep visiting our privacy policy page regularly.


Connect with us at [email protected] for queries related to your personal data or to modify the provided information