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Despite the rapid push for digitization, a significant 89% of small and medium businesses (SMBs) continue to process paper-based invoices. Source 

Given the need for Accounts Payable (AP) teams to manually input data from paper invoices, the task of scanning diverse bills becomes arduous and prone to errors. Therefore, problems like slow approvals, excessive paper use, and numerous manual processes now top the list of AP concerns. 

These persistent accounts payable challenges don’t seem to be going away any time soon. Recent statistics tell a harsh truth – almost 40% of businesses are still grappling with paper invoices. In a world where time is of the essence, the burden of slow approvals, manual tasks, and paper overload weighs heavily on AP teams. And there’s more to come – a whopping 80% of AP representatives are bracing for a surge of invoices, with 53% anticipating increased complexity.  

The need for change could not be any more urgent, especially in a fast-paced business landscape where time translates directly into monetary value. 

Against this backdrop, this blog delves into the potential of data capture in AP Automation, shedding light on the integral role played by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in streamlining invoice scanning and indexing processes.  

Building the Case for Invoice Scanning 

Meet Robert, the owner of a multi-location restaurant franchise. With a keen understanding of challenges that arise while managing the payables of multiple restaurant locations, Robert shares his experience of how data capture in AP automation, specifically invoice scanning, drove efficiency and precision across his restaurant franchise operations.  

“In my world of running a multi-location restaurant franchise, each day felt like a balancing act – managing menus, operations, and keeping customers happy. Amidst all this, dealing with a flood of invoices from every outlet became a challenge. 

Paper invoices from different suppliers flooded in, and manually sorting and entering data became a time-consuming chore. This often led to delays and mistakes that were a headache to fix. 

Amidst these challenges, I saw the potential of automated data capture. I got to know about an automated process where invoices could be scanned and captured effortlessly, with their information neatly organized. At a key business event, I discovered Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology in AP automation. It promised to tackle the complexity I was facing. 

Excited by the idea of fewer errors and increased efficiency, I dived into learning about data capture. The more I learned, the more I saw the benefits of using OCR to digitize paper invoices. After researching and finding a fitting solution, I took the plunge to implement it, which required training my staff and integration with our existing systems. But the effort was worth it. 

The heaps of paper invoices were transformed into digital records, stored neatly and easy to access. The results were clear – significantly less time spent processing, fewer errors, and better use of our resources. This newfound efficiency gave me more room to make smart decisions and improve our customer experience. 

Word spread, and fellow franchise owners followed suit, embracing AP automation. Our willingness to adopt new tech didn’t just make us more efficient – it made us stand out. 

In the fast-paced world of multi-location restaurant management, where time was scarce, using automated data capture and OCR-driven invoice scanning made all the difference. It wasn’t just an upgrade – it was a game-changer that helped us thrive in the face of challenges.” 


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Defining Strategic Objectives for Invoice Scanning  

Now, let’s focus on what Robert had in mind when he was on the lookout for a solution to streamline invoice scanning for his AP team. Take a deeper look into his strategic goals that paved the way for this transformative journey: 

Better Efficiency & Error Prevention 

Robert’s foremost priority was comprehensive improvement in efficiency when it comes to invoice processing. His vision encompassed a solution that could seamlessly accelerate processing timelines, mitigate the potential for human errors, and elevate the precision of data extraction. Within the context of Robert’s restaurant business, the implications of even minor errors are far-reaching. Hence, a paramount goal was the effective mitigation of errors within the invoice processing framework. This commitment not only guaranteed heightened profitability but also fortified the bedrock of financial credibility. 

Strategic Cost Management and Time Saving 

Robert recognized the substantial financial burden and time consumption of labor-intensive manual processes. The costs of hiring, training, and maintaining additional staff strained the franchise’s resources. By eliminating the need of passing invoices from table-to-table for approval, he aimed to cut costs and save valuable time, ultimately reallocating resources for growth and efficiency. 

Precision in Data Handling 

For Robert’s restaurant franchise, transitioning from paper-based invoices to a digitized repository offered a strategic advantage—centralized access to critical documents. This shift marked a significant step toward accurate data and quick retrieval, compared to the complex storage of file cabinets.

Tangible Gains from Automated Data Capture 

Steering a bustling multi-location restaurant franchise, Robert’s journey unfolded with the integration of invoice scanning, data capture, and error reduction. As he harmonized accounts payable processes across outlets, scanning invoices gained prominence. With OCR, the AP team can now seamlessly extract invoice details with precision, orchestrating indexing and categorization. 

Now, to the heart of the matter: cost savings. Numbers don’t lie. Robert’s keen orchestration of automation yielded remarkable cost efficiencies. Processing costs witnessed a substantial 25% reduction, accompanied by a resounding 30% drop in error-related losses. The once-taxing manual labor faded, liberating resources for strategic endeavors. The synchrony of data capture and error reduction crescendo into an impressive 20% surge in overall accuracy. 

In essence, Robert’s journey epitomizes the transformative potential of fused invoice scanning, data capture, and error reduction. It resounds as a testament to how AP automation, orchestrated with precision, resonates in the harmonious balance of cost savings and financial acumen. 

Key Takeaways 

The above insightful exploration illuminates the compelling advantages that data capture in AP automation, bolstered by OCR-enabled invoice scanning, brings to the forefront of modern accounts payable operation. The strategic alignment of technology with business objectives, as exemplified by Robert’s narrative, underscores the pivotal role played by efficient invoice processing. Key takeaways from this exploration include: 

  • Automation streamlines invoice processing, minimizing manual efforts and errors. 
  • OCR ensures accurate data extraction, enhancing financial integrity. 
  • Valuable assets are reallocated to growth initiatives, boosting profitability. 
  • Automated data capture reduces manual labor dependency, leading to tangible cost savings. 

Embrace the power of automated data capture through OCR for error-free invoice scanning. Transform your efficiency today. 


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Published on: 24 August 2023

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