Driving Mission Success: Streamlining POs, Invoices, Approvals, and Payments

By merging non-profit passion with automation precision, you can make a significant difference in the world.

Accounts Payable Automation for NPOs

Non-profit organizations (NPOs) face ongoing challenges while managing their accounts payable process. With a large influx of donations, complex payment terms, diverse grant and donation formats, cash flow management, and stringent compliance requirements, finding an efficient solution becomes crucial. PathQuest AP is here to automate your AP process, enabling you to concentrate on making a positive impact. PathQuest AP seamlessly integrates with your existing accounting system, enabling swift bill handling and payment. Pay vendors easily through preferred methods like ACH, wire transfer, credit card, and checks.

Attach Documents with Bills

Simplify grants and donation management by effortlessly attaching related documents to invoices using our smart accounts payable solution. Efficiently manage payments and ensure seamless record-keeping using a single platform.

Split Bills Easily

Efficiently split and categorize grouped documents with multiple invoices from different vendors, automating your day-to-day accounts payable operations. You can now save time and enhance accuracy with this efficient functionality.

Easy Escalation

Accelerate the resolution of queries, send custom notifications to relevant AP staff regarding overdue or paid payments, facilitating swift action. Simplify communication and enhance efficiency in addressing AP issues with our powerful accounts payable solution.

PathQuest AP Integrates with Industry Leading Accounting Software

Easy data integration of PathQuest AP and your accounting software enables you to analyze, visualize, and get powerful financial insights for your business

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    Elevating Data Insights with PathQuest

    “PathQuest BI empowers us to explore data from multiple perspectives, enhancing our understanding of clients’ financial reports. PathQuest Business intelligence elevates the depth of our operations by liberating us from the tedious number-crunching and data upkeep. With more time at our disposal, we engage with clients to chart their future course. It’s not just about ‘what’s next,’ but rather the richer insights we gain. The platform’s vibrant visualizations and comprehensive financial reports have allowed us to uncover critical insights, from comparing actual expenses to projections to identifying untapped growth opportunities in our clients’ income streams. PathQuest BI has empowered us to transition from traditional accounting practice to advisory services.”

    Liz Scott

    CEO, Accounting Lifeline

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