Drive Success with Financial Analysis Software for Auto Care

Complete visibility of financial efficiency, operational KPIs, and improvement areas by tapping into the data of multi-location or single-site entities

PathQuest Financial Analysis Software for Auto Care Franchises

Get behind the wheel and take charge! Maximize operational efficiency and drive success with PathQuest BI, the robust solution for your auto care business to access, track, and analyze key performance metrics. Get insights into inventory turnover rate, sales volume (including oil change, auto parts or accessories, fleet maintenance, and collision repair), and gross & net profit based on location. The auto care industry is advancing towards a more inclusive, and sustainable world, where connectivity and personalized experience are becoming more important. It’s time to see how Auto Care Franchises are embracing the power of automation to create a meaningful impact.


Hours Saved Every Day in Data Reporting


Faster Decision-making


Cost Reduction

Business Forecasting

Retrieve historical data of your multi-unit car repair shops from existing accounting software to accurately project gross profit, net profit, and EBITDA for up to 24 months. Data-driven business forecasting to identify and plan for the best and worst use cases, adapt to the rapidly changing market condition, and stay future-ready.

Real-time Financial Analysis

Generate individual and consolidated financial reports with accurate and real-time data. Discover important metrics and align your strategic focus accordingly. Identify high-performing franchise locations and those experiencing rapid expansion. Assess sales and inventory priorities meticulously for exceptional outcomes and competitive advantage with our powerful business intelligence system.

Franchise Ranking & Improvement Areas

Get rankings for your auto care franchises based on key performance indicators (KPIs) like gross profit, net profit, and gross margin. Discover top performers, identify areas for improvement, and leverage advanced analytics to expand your franchise operations.

PathQuest BI Integrates with Industry Leading Accounting Software

Easy data integration of PathQuest BI and your accounting software enables you to analyze, visualize, and get powerful financial insights for your business

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    Elevating Data Insights with PathQuest

    “PathQuest BI empowers us to explore data from multiple perspectives, enhancing our understanding of clients’ financial reports. PathQuest Business intelligence elevates the depth of our operations by liberating us from the tedious number-crunching and data upkeep. With more time at our disposal, we engage with clients to chart their future course. It’s not just about ‘what’s next,’ but rather the richer insights we gain. The platform’s vibrant visualizations and comprehensive financial reports have allowed us to uncover critical insights, from comparing actual expenses to projections to identifying untapped growth opportunities in our clients’ income streams. PathQuest BI has empowered us to transition from traditional accounting practice to advisory services.”

    Liz Scott

    CEO, Accounting Lifeline

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