Future-proof Growth: Financial Analysis Software for Construction Businesses

Track and calculate risks, construct future trends, and make effective decisions. Get control of your financials on a single screen.

PathQuest Financial Analysis Software for Construction Businesses

Seamlessly navigate multiple construction sites across diverse geographies on a single login. Experience the ease of consolidated views alongside detailed insights through custom dashboards and reports, pinpointing areas for revenue, cost, and operational enhancements. Measure sustainability against benchmarks and track business rankings across various sectors. Stay ahead on compliance with timely notifications. It’s time to see how construction businesses are embracing the power of automation to build the unthinkable.


Hours Saved Every Day in Data Reporting


Faster Decision-making


Cost Reduction

Custom Dashboard

Craft your ideal view of your construction operations with our custom dashboard. Track revenue, profit margins, and key metrics for all your projects or contracts in one place. Simply drag and drop KPIs to measure what matters. Easily compare performance across locations and see trends over time. Go beyond the defaults and create custom dashboards specific to your construction needs.

Business Intelligence

Identify improvement opportunities in revenue, costs & expenses. Track your financial health with our Sustainability Index. Know exactly how your construction business is performing. Benchmark your performance against competitors and industry averages with business rank. Stay on top of compliance tasks with automated reminders for taxes, permits, and more.


Retrieve historical data of your construction business from existing accounting software to project cash flow, profit and loss, and balance sheets. Unlock the potential for forecast analytics spanning up to 24 months. Customize your forecasts, apply filters to analyze income versus expense, and make detailed monthly comparisons of predicted inflows and outflows.

PathQuest BI Integrates with Industry Leading Accounting Software

Seamless data integration of PathQuest BI and your accounting software enables you to analyze, visualize, and get powerful financial insights for your franchise performance

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    Elevating Data Insights with PathQuest

    “PathQuest BI empowers us to explore data from multiple perspectives, enhancing our understanding of clients’ financial reports. PathQuest Business intelligence elevates the depth of our operations by liberating us from the tedious number-crunching and data upkeep. With more time at our disposal, we engage with clients to chart their future course. It’s not just about ‘what’s next,’ but rather the richer insights we gain. The platform’s vibrant visualizations and comprehensive financial reports have allowed us to uncover critical insights, from comparing actual expenses to projections to identifying untapped growth opportunities in our clients’ income streams. PathQuest BI has empowered us to transition from traditional accounting practice to advisory services.”

    Liz Scott

    CEO, Accounting Lifeline

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