45% NPO Workforce Quit Risk: Automation Matters

Recently updated on January 19th, 2024 at 11:36 am

In our recent PathQuest BI podcast, hosts Amit and Tom delve into a pressing issue for nonprofits— a significant 45% risk of workforce attrition. Tom, an advocate for business intelligence (BI) in nonprofits, breaks down the reasons behind this risk, including evolving workforce expectations and concerns about job loss due to automation.

The discussion sheds light on how automation can be a strategic tool, boosting efficiency rather than replacing jobs. Nonprofits can streamline operations, allowing their workforce to focus on impactful tasks and, in turn, enhance engagement and retention. Business Intelligence tools emerge as guides, helping organizations make informed decisions and achieve cost savings and increased efficiency.

Addressing concerns about job displacement and skill gaps, the hosts propose a dual approach—retraining programs for job security and tailored training to bridge skill gaps. Tom’s insights provide actionable strategies for nonprofits to turn challenges into opportunities for growth.

Exploring the future, the podcast discusses the increasing adoption of automation and AI technologies in nonprofits. A significant 75% are already exploring or implementing these technologies. The episode concludes with Tom urging nonprofits to embrace technology, empower their workforce through skill development, and leverage data for impactful change.

Did you miss the live discussion? The podcast offers valuable insights and solutions for nonprofits aiming to thrive in a dynamic landscape. Subscribe for more discussions and check www.PathQuest.com for updates on upcoming webinars and podcasts. Shape the future with PathQuest BI!

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