Optimize POs, Invoice Processing, Approval & Payment Cycle with Automation

Transforming accounts payable processes to gain efficiency, better control, improve visibility, and faster approvals and payments

Smart Solution to Generate, Send, Approve & Pay Bills

PathQuest AP is a smart accounts payable automation solution that helps simplify and collaborate accounts payable documentation, communication and purchase order system on a one single platform. Thus, it enables best control and visibility over business expenses while getting rid of any late, duplicate, and fraudulent payments. You can manage & pay your bills faster with vendors’ preferred method, including PO system, ACH, credit card, and check payments.

PathQuest AP automates and streamlines Accounts Payable workflow by keeping your current system intact, letting your business run smoothly.

Game-Changing Features that Simplify & Automate AP Workflow

From easy submissions of invoices to faster digital approvals, PathQuest AP ensures better control on expenses and getting rid of any late, duplicate and fraudulent payments. It features automated approval process for posting as well as payment, removing the needs of paper approvals. It provides insights into payment patterns and exceptions for better decision making. 

What PathQuest AP Can Do for You?

  • Insightful Dashboard

  • Automated Workflow

  • Quick Approval Process

  • High Level Overview

  • Smart Document Capture

  • Smart & Fast Payments

  • Complete Data Transfer

  • Easy Escalation

Why PathQuest AP?

Automate end-to-end accounts payable process to manage countless invoices and financial transactions. PathQuest AP will provide smart, intuitive, fast, and controlled invoice and approval process to restrict paper approvals, email escalations, and late payments. Also, you can automate key field data extraction and matching of invoices and purchase order, saving time while avoiding duplications, and fraudulent entries.  

Future-proof your accounts payable workflow with PathQuest AP!


Auto Import and Scan Your Bills with Smart OCR

Import and sync countless bills quickly from Cloud (Google Drive, Dropbox), FTP, and Email. From scanning to field mapping, capture everything in no time with Smart OCR.


Simplify & Automate AP Workflow and Approval Process

Create custom bill approval workflows to best match your business. PathQuest AP will enforce internal controls by keeping all the stakeholders notified on the status.


Hassle-free & Fast Invoice Processing

Receive, track, and approve invoices at a single platform with a few clicks by minimizing human interferences per transaction.


Easy Escalation & Custom Notification

Cut down on your endless email chain by just generating tickets in our PathQuest AP portal on each query and resolve them right away, thereby saving time.


Purchase Order System for Vendor Management

Easily manage vendors by getting entire invoice processing history and comments at one place, minimizing staff touches per transaction and enhancing vendor relationship.


Smart & Fast Payments

Manage & pay your bills faster with vendors’ preferred method, including PO system, ACH, credit card, and check payments.


Reduce Errors, Duplications, and Frauds

Feel more secure with protection against fraud while avoiding errors and duplication with a complete audit history and effortless matching of invoices.


Multiple Entities

Process bills and payments for all your entities from within a single PathQuest AP account, providing flexible controls to meet your needs.


Real Time Insights

Real time visibility, insights, and changes throughout AP workflow, reducing duplication, errors, and make you feel more secure with a complete audit history.


Insightful Dashboard

Real-time tracking of invoices, approvals, payment status, posting details, and audit trails through insightful dashboard.

Accounts Payable Automation for Every Thriving Business

We help you to Transform manual accounts payable processes to automated AP workflow for faster bill capture, approvals, escalation, swift processing, and on-time payments. Ensure real-time visibility, control, and efficiency throughout AP workflow 


Tax & Accounting Firms

Intuitive AP automation solution for your clients to improve the efficiency of their end-to-end accounts payable processes.



Specially built for streamlining restaurants and bar invoices and bill processing while saving time, speeding up approvals, and enhancing efficiency.


Auto Care

Accurate, automated, and accessible accounts payable solution configured for the unique workflows of your automotive business.


Not for Profit Organization

Supporting your accounts payable needs so you can focus on your mission while mitigating data entry errors and reducing invoice processing times.


Single & Multi-Specialist Healthcare

Automated, electronic payments to improve invoice processing, minimize cost and human intervention, and gain visibility on spendings.



Keeping yourself up-to-date about who you owe and when to pay. So, you can pay on time, enhancing vendor relationship


Onsite & Offsite Construction

Maintain control over invoices, bill processing, and payments to ensure that subcontractors and vendors are paid on time.



Robust accounts payable tool to streamline operations and make invoice processing more efficient.


Manufacturing & Distribution

Convenient management of huge volumes of invoices and bill processing for timely payment and eliminating errors.

PathQuest AP Integrates with Industry Leading Accounting Software

The seamless integration of PathQuest AP with your choice of accounting software allows you to incorporate an easier, faster and more secure way to process invoices and make payments.

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    “PathQuest BI takes the data and enables to look from different angles. It definitely helps understand financial reporting of my clients seamlessly. Moreover, it offers color graphs and visual stories indicating opportunities and areas of improvement. I was able to align the areas of key takeaways like comparison of actual expenses with anticipated and growth in particular income stream that I haven’t paid attention until now, and more. These key insights along with financial reporting helped me take my practice to the next level.”

    Liz Scott

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    AP Automation streamlines the invoice processing workflow by digitizing tasks like data entry, invoice validation, and payment scheduling. It enhances efficiency and accuracy while minimizing paper usage. Centralized document management and real-time payment tracking further optimize operations, strengthening supplier relationships and cutting costs.

    Automating your accounts payable process with PathQuest AP brings forth an array of compelling benefits. Automating accounts payable process yields substantial time savings, reduces errors, improves cash flow, and improves vendor relationship. The solution’s features, such as insightful dashboards, automated workflows, and easy escalation, enrich the entire AP process, enhancing efficiency and savings.

    AP automation costs vary depending on your specific organizational requirements. For instance, if your AP team currently processes a certain number of invoices per hour, implementing automation can potentially reduce that time by 50-70%, resulting in significant efficiency gains. Various factors, including integration needs and desired automation extent, influence pricing structures.

    AP automation significantly decreases manual entry and paper expenses while accelerating approvals and optimizing resource allocation. For example, hiring extra AP staff averages $40,000 to $60,000 per year. With AP automation, potential savings on resources could reach up to 70%, directly translating to reduced invoice processing costs. Read our latest blog to learn more.

    AP automation harnesses cutting-edge tools such as optical character recognition (OCR) technology to expedite the retrieval and validation of invoice information. Significantly reduce processing costs by swiftly converting paper invoices into digital records. A streamlined workflow accelerates accuracy and processing speed. Industries grappling with a diverse array of invoices can particularly benefit from invoice verification and matching. With a seamless invoice verification process, you can swiftly navigate an influx of invoices and maintain payment accuracy across the spectrum of invoice diversity.

    Automating accounts payable processes leads to seamless workflows. With invoice routing, approval automation, and streamlined payment scheduling, manual steps decrease. This ensures a smooth end-to-end process, enhancing visibility, control, and resource allocation, ultimately boosting AP workflow efficiency.

    E-invoicing (electronic invoicing), a cornerstone of paperless processing, integrates seamlessly with your inbox. Sync your mailbox with PathQuest AP using credentials, instantly capturing incoming emails, including invoices. Alternatively, vendors can forward digital copies directly to PathQuest AP’s standard email address. Even when the email content itself constitutes a bill, the Convert to Document feature facilitates a smooth transition, enabling easy attachment of bills

    PathQuest AP boosts payment visibility with centralized real-time insights. An insightful dashboard displays statuses, approvals, expected dates, and automated alerts, minimizing communication gaps, enhancing issue resolution, and offering clear, unobstructed views of payment progress, fostering efficiency and control.

    By speeding up invoice processing, approvals, and payments, AP automation solution shortens the time between invoice receipt and payment, improving cash flow. Fewer errors and streamlined processes reduce payment delays, optimizing working capital utilization. This accelerates cash availability for investments and operations, fostering financial stability and growth.

    PathQuest AP streamlines communication and processes, empowering suppliers to submit invoices and track payments through the vendor portal. Swift processing ensures timely payments, building trust. Transparency is enhanced by inviting vendors to manage payments, check bills, and track orders. The solution reduces administrative burden, fostering collaborative, friction-free supplier relationships

    AP automation solution helps you automate payment scheduling and ensure accurate, timely disbursements without manual effort. Real-time analytics offer cash flow insights, optimizing payment timing. AP automation solution centralizes payment tracking, reducing oversight needs. With fewer errors and timely execution, your team can focus on financial initiatives, free from day-to-day payment management.

    With dedicated teams, queries sent to [email protected] or (800) 838-4854 are swiftly directed to knowledgeable representatives. If needed, experienced managers step in, ensuring comprehensive assistance. This approach fosters loyalty through effective, multi-level support, ensuring exceptional service throughout your PathQuest AP journey.

    Yes, AP automation integration with ERPs is user-friendly. PathQuest AP employs well-structured Application Programming Interface (APIs) and connectors for smooth data exchange, ensuring seamless collaboration between systems. These solutions streamline processes, enhance accuracy, and provide a unified view of payables, adapting to ERP specifications for minimal disruption.

    PathQuest AP’s onboarding is efficient and seamless. After initiation, you will receive a checklist containing user details and system access. Our team ensures custom setup, configuring permissions for data security. With 5 fundamental and 4 advanced training sessions, you will gain in-depth understanding of the solution. Launch within weeks, not months, utilizing the solution’s prowess in just 2 to 3 weeks for swift, effective optimization of your accounts payable process

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