Business Intelligence Features to Empower Future Ready Businesses

Financial Intelligence to Empower Every Future Focused Business

PathQuest BI is a top financial analysis software that intertwines intelligence with innovation enabling you to build highly competitive and customized dashboards. Save hours of hard work and get rid of the traditional methods of using excel sheets.


For Accountants

PathQuest is strategically designed for accountants to automate accounting and gain advisory capabilities with interactive dashboards and insights, to deliver impactful values to their multiple clients’ performance. Be specific and relevant with real-time analysis and reports to uncover financial situation and improvement areas of your clients. Thus, you can focus more on advisory and elevate your practice and bottom line.


For Franchise

PathQuest will simplify franchisees performance tracking, getting rankings, benchmarks, and comparisons, and identifying key drivers with consolidated reporting and multi-location industry ranking. Instantly build compelling visual stories around financial efficiency, operational KPIs, business sustainability, and improvement areas. Also gain companywide personalized financial insights and management reports for franchise HQ and deliver value.

Get the Complete Picture

PathQuest BI consolidates real-time reports that gives actionable insights and dimensional reports with transaction level drill-down to provide financial performance transparency at one place. Ensure swift but subtle experience with PathQuest BI!

create custom dashboards

Create Custom Dashboard

Financial analysis

Financial Analysis

Manage Multiple Companies

Manage Multiple Companies

Improvement opp, sustainability index, business rank, compliance

Improvement Opportunity

Features that Translate Data into Intelligence

Here are the game-changing features of PathQuest BI, helping you to build powerful advisory capabilities by translating financial data into intelligence. From Accounting Firms to SMBs, Franchises, and NPOs, everyone can explore these features and make informed decisions.

Business Forecasting
PathQuest BI retrieves the historical data of the business from the accounting software for forecasting.
Create and Share Customized Dashboard
Create your own customized dashboard view with a simple drag and drop of the desired KPIs.
Detailed Insights of Improvement Opportunities
Determine the areas that require improvement with advanced analytics and business know-how.
Industry Average Comparison
Know how each of your locations is performing and also compare the performance of your business with industry averages.
Consolidated Management Reporting
Get franchisee rankings, benchmark and comparisons, management reporting, dimensional reporting, grant reporting, and more...
Mobile Apps
Access real time business insights anywhere, anytime on your fingertips with easy-to-use mobile apps
Consolidated View of all Clients
No need of logging from different systems. Avail comprehensive view that everyone understands from a single place.
Easy On-boarding Process
Discover a simple self-service portal to on-board a business in just 5 minutes.
Data-Driven Insights at Your Finger Tips
Easy-to-understand revenue, expense, and profit & loss reports and data visualizations for better financial insights and making informed decisions.
Weekly & Monthly Summary Reports
A detailed weekly and monthly summary report is generated and sent to your client’s mailbox.
Unlimited Number of Groups and Entities
No matter it is single or multiple entities, groups, or locations, you can track and monitor data for numerous levels and get all reporting on a single platform.
Sync Unlimited Financials Seamlessly
Integrate and discover unlimited financials seamlessly from the inception of the business and get interactive visualizations backed by analytics.
Comparison of Budgeted Financials with Actual
Compare your budgeted financial data with actuals to find the variances and the reason for the variances.
Complete Security of Financial Data
Addition of a second layer of security with a token-based access to all our services will keep your data secure with us.
Collect Raw Transaction Level Details
Collect and process large amounts of unstructured data from internal and external systems to discover meaningful trends and report genuine KPIs.
Standard Chart of Accounts for Financial Statements
List of financial accounts, reflecting the company’s balance sheet and profit and loss statement, enabling to create financial reports meeting your needs.

Delivering 360 Degree Value from Financial Intelligence Cloud-Based Application for Real-time Data & Analytics

Get instant and consolidated financial data in the form of easy-to-interpret visual presentations

  • consolidated

    Consolidated & Detailed View

  • strategic

    Strategic Decision-Making Tool

  • standard

    Standard Chart of Accounts

  • transaction

    Transaction Level Details

  • locations

    Multiple Location/Entity Reporting

  • intelligence

    Unique Business Intelligence Tool

  • Budget Import from Accounting tool or from CSV

  • plus

    Analytical Dashboard

  • ic custom report

    Custom Report Building

  • financial reporting

    Financial Reporting

  • notifications

    Real-time Notifications

  • budget

    Budget Vs Actual Comparison

  • Compatible with leading Accounting Software

  • mapping

    Account Mapping by Group Level

  • custom report

    Custom Dimensions - Project/Class/Department

  • filter

    Standard Custom Group Filter View in Reports

  • token

    Secured Token Based Access

  • unlimited groups

    Unlimited Groups and Entities

  • notification

    Compliance Notification

  • data sync

    Data-Sync from the Inception of the Business

Easy Sync with Leading Accounting Software

Seamlessly integrate PathQuest BI with leading accounting software to ensure easy onboarding, stay connected, and get insights beyond financials

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    Elevating Data Insights with PathQuest

    “PathQuest BI empowers us to explore data from multiple perspectives, enhancing our understanding of clients’ financial reports. PathQuest Business intelligence elevates the depth of our operations by liberating us from the tedious number-crunching and data upkeep. With more time at our disposal, we engage with clients to chart their future course. It’s not just about ‘what’s next,’ but rather the richer insights we gain. The platform’s vibrant visualizations and comprehensive financial reports have allowed us to uncover critical insights, from comparing actual expenses to projections to identifying untapped growth opportunities in our clients’ income streams. PathQuest BI has empowered us to transition from traditional accounting practice to advisory services.”

    Liz Scott

    CEO, Accounting Lifeline

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